My Wii was previously (till this morning) working perfectly.
The SD card contained the app files for usb loader gx and a few other inconsequential apps.
USB loader was properly running Wii games, and Gamecube games (when a disc is inserted to get past DIOS MIOS screen)

So what happened is that I took my sd card out to use with my phone (I was updating it and needed that to install some files) anyways I copied all the folders I thought I needed (apps, private, wad, usb loader [this is for CFG loader I believe]) and used the SD card. I formatted it after, copied my folders back, and now it wont work. I had some VC games on the sd card, which are being read when I go to the sd card menu. When I try laching USB Loader GX from the forwarder channel, it returns to the Wii menu. When I go to the homebrew channel however, nothing loads, as in I cant see any of the apps in my sd card. I tried copying the folders to my usb, but when I prompt HBC to read from the USB (press 1, select USB) the Wii freezes.

Anyways on my sd card I have:

In apps I have usbloader_gx, USBloader, Wiimod, and wiiflow.
In usbloader_gx I have:
icon (.png)
meta (.xml)

then I also have a bunch of files and folders for settings:

and two folders

I havent played around with my Wii in a while, since it's been running perfectly, but I dont understand or see anything evident that I could be doing wrong.
Am I missing some files that Homebrew channel needs or something?