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Thread: I'm really new and somewhat lost..

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    I'm really new and somewhat lost..

    Ok, for an intro, i have been owning a wii for almost three years..when i first bought it, the console has been setup by the shop and it stays the same.
    What i have in it is as follows:
    1. homebrew channel
    2. softchip loader
    3. neogamma loader
    The only one that i use is neogamma loader which plays all my game disc without any problem.
    I know it might be old and need update or there's better one out there, but for me, as long as it work fine, im ok with it.
    Then there is softchip loader which i dont even know what the use of it.
    Finally, the homebrew channel...and its upside-down..

    I noticed that i can actually load game via usb and watch my video file using wii which is the two things i really love to do. Can someone point me to the correct path to do it?

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    Here you go use this to re-soft mode your wii


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