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Thread: Rock Band Black Screen

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    Rock Band Black Screen

    very very newbie here.....have soft modded unit...original game wont load...just black screen with green light........please help

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    did you install Cios 37, also look up the rockband issue, so you can learn how to use the instraments

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    rock band black

    i am confused.
    bought this modded unit
    plays OE NHL2K9 and NFS
    black for rock band (on menu screen but will not load!!!!)

    also...everything is in do I change this to English..dont have manual

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    -.- you got to install some cios's and ios's read the rock band guide for how
    and anyregion changer

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    I am having a very similar problem...

    Before I started I could launch RB2 original game disc and play it normally.

    I started the rockband 2 instrument tutorial to play with backup discs and the installer wont work. I get an error

    "Exception (DSI) Occured"
    Then a lot of numbers
    "Code Dump"
    Then a lot more numbers.

    Now I cant launch the original RB2 game disc at all. It just hangs after hitting start on the Wii menu.

    I can launch the backup disc but the instruments dont work. I'll finish this later, its due to the error message mentioned up there.

    Im just concerned about not being able to launch the original RB2 game now.

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    I fixed my problem by upgrading the firmware to 3.4 and reinstalling everything. System works good except my instruments still dont work with back up copies of the game.

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    would u think cIOS37 helpful to the backup copies ? give it a try

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    If I install CIOS 37 the system stops reading all disc backups. I have to uninstall ios249 then reinstall ios 36 rev 7 to get the system reading back ups again. I am using softmod BTW.


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