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Thread: Looking for a file called wii.dat for Clean Rip.

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    Question Looking for a file called wii.dat for Clean Rip.

    Basically I have been backing up my gamecube and wii games using Clean Rip, which is a great tool. It does my GC games in 12 minutes and Wii games in 18.

    A handy feature I took advantage of is the verifying of each rip with hashs from 2 files called gc.dat and wii.dat

    I managed to find a gc.dat on the internet, but wii.dat is much tougher to find. Without it I can't verify my rips I have been making are actually good. If someone has a copy of wii.dat or knows where to get one I would be grateful.

    I know there is built in downloading of these files in Clean Rip, but I think the wireless is borked in my Wii. Plus I have heard reports of the files no longer being downloadable through it in recent versions.

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    I have it at home I think, i didn't know it was from Clean Rip. I was clearing off stuff on my USB drive that I didn't think I needed but I backed it up just in case.

    These are the files it downloads right? I still was getting a message my rips were not verified after successfully downloading that stuff so I don't know how good it works.


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