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Thread: Where can I get PAL wads?

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    Lightbulb Where can I get PAL wads?

    Hey all.

    I am a noob but have managed to softmod my wii successfully and have a few wads.

    Is anyone aware where I can download PAL wads? Ive heard wehackwii although pretty much every download on that site is no longer available...

    Can I install and play NTSC wads in a simple process?

    If anyone is aware of Mortal Kombat wads I would be very interested. Besides that I am keen for all the old NES classics, N64, sega genesis etc.

    Apologies as im sure questions like these have been asked although I did a search and didnt have much luck. Im hoping some of you experts can give me a quick and easy insight.


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    Since WiiHacks does not support piracy, we are obliged to tell you that the best way to get those games is by purchasing them thru the Shop Channel. If you want them in wad format, one of the ways is to extract them using an app called Bludump. Then you could install them again using an app such as WiiMod.

    Better have a read of those forum rules again.


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