I've been thinking.
Ever since VC/Wiiware/dsi ware/xboxlive arcade,etc
We have had digitally EXCLUSIVE (not always) games to certain platforms.
With a few minor exceptions like virtual versions of retail games on xbox and for nintendo Shantae 2, which is on dsi wii and coming to Steam.

I have a friend who has a few games on his 360 from the Xboxlive arcade. Some of these you cannot obtain anymore. It's purely impossible. Unless you bought them earlier.
Also once nintendo stops hosting the Wiiware shop and VC where will all those games go.

Do you think it just that wiiware and some VC games be preserved to pc?
Is such a task possible? While in it's currant state such a thing would be piracy to an extent.
I think more about the idea of being able to make sure such items aren't forgotten.

A good example is the amazingly preserved satteliteview footage and games.
Such as BS zelda. Sadly I don't think anything but BS Zelda has been saved.

Satteliteview was a snes addon in japan that acted as a online service that allowed people to download exclusive variants of games. Such as a new F-Zero, a remake of Zelda 1 with different arrangements.
Also during the day radio/ game hosts would speak to the player.

This is even more pivotal to games like BS Zelda as game hosts would tell them important hints or clues.

This experience is lost to time mainly.
It's the first example of an online gaming service through a console.

So guys whats gonna happen when WiiWare shuts down.
Is the VC and WiiWare ported to WiiU?
Will it even be possible for people to preserve and enjoy WiiWare games only available on wii in the near future if such a shut down happens?

Same goes will xbox and psn games.

I know as of the moment most of this is considered pirating.
Yet it's not like you can buy physical copies of most of those games.
Same went with satteliteview.
If no one had it and shared it after it was over. The game/program is lost forever.

So what are your thoughts? Please inform me if people have taken measure.