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Thread: ios database?

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    Lightbulb ios database?

    i am a relative noob to wii hacking... been doin it bout 2 months...

    i was wondering if there was a convenient tabulated list of ios.wad files here?

    if there already is one please direct me to it... if not it would be useful to have a table that listed the ios# and the games or features that require it to work...

    keep up the great work

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    IOS's get updated from time to time
    IOS's dont get documented because no one plays that game hitman reborn is error 002
    IOS's get installed from random things
    IOS's are not always needed, Internet IOS, IOS 36, wiiconnect 24 IOS etc
    there are over 400 games, and every game needs a IOS, no one is gonna look at a guide, when there are 8 known "special cases"

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    ...well the benefits of such a table may not be explicitly obvious now.... but tabulating what different software packages do on the wii seems like it could be very useful down the road...

    if you believe this to be a worthless idea then that is fine, don't worry bout..

    like i said my understanding of the wii hardware and software is not that advanced yet...

    im interested and i continue to learn more every day... are there articles here about how the architecture of the wii functions??

    i could use some clarification too on what you said...

    when you said "every game needs an ios"

    what do you mean by that?

    im just trying to explicitly learn how the ios software packages relate to the wiis ability to play games and enable on-board features.

    if you think that its not necessary thats fine.. no big deal..


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    the WII is just uses a bunch of IOS's each one has a set job
    maybe a 3rd party item
    addition to something

    but every single last wii game has a required IOS to boot, and a different region could be a different one, some could be 21, others could be 38

    there are a lot, and if you want to see my point i left this thread as proof that its not needed

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