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Thread: iso downgrader 116 error

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    Angry iso downgrader 116 error

    hi all. Yes i am a noob when it comes to hacking the wii. thats why im here. I want to learn Im currently using a 3.4u. I would love to be able to play back ups and hgomebrew. I was able to do the twilight hack and got homebrew channel on but iso downgrader keeps giving me a ret-116 error. I believe this is a network problem. Im pretty sure my wii is connected to the internet but dont know how to proceed. any help would be really appreciated. Thanks all

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    try using your thread title in the search box and stop being lazy

    Why are you reading this? its always the same!!

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    i did but i cant find anything that helps me fix this

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    Quote Originally Posted by KESTDAWG View Post
    i did but i cant find anything that helps me fix this
    isnt it because the wireless is not setup with internet acess

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    not sure what that means. I still am looking for an answer although people seem to believe im too lazy to look up the answer. I have and still dont find anything that can help me.

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    3.4u downgrade to 3.2u :
    delete old cIOS, download + install cIOS249,
    make sure the copies in SD card is complete and the wifi link is secured.
    good luck.

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    will try that now thanks for trying to help me out. keeping my fingers crossed


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