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Thread: Wii hacks questions

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    Exclamation Wii hacks questions

    I softmodded my wii a few years ago and have not been in the scene since then.
    I have my nand backup, use bootmii/hackmii and have homebrew channel. The memory card attached to my wii which held all the files was subsquently lost.
    I remember installing CISOCorp or something and am able to play my backups directly from a DVD via the icon on the main menu.

    I would like to reinstall and update my hacks, could someone please provide me a list of guides which i can follow and go around doing this.

    Thank you for you time

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    Just check the Softmod ANY Wii guide in my signature that will get your Wii all set and fix your mod.

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    Thanks SNES _Master
    By the way, how do i know what my free NAND space is?
    "Have 450 free blocks of nand space" from the gide

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    450 free blocks means that you have 450 blocks of memory on your NAND that are currently unused.

    Edit: to check just to go wii settings and choose data management then click Wii.

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    But how do i know if i have 450 unused blocks?. I did previously softmod my wii, im uncertain on the amount of unused NAND blocks i might have.
    I'm not sure if im making sense... should i go through with the guide anyways?

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    kk got it Thanks man

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    free blocks = unused.
    [spoiler=Click Below for recommended Links]

    Download the latest:
    Latest Loaders CFG v70r65
    GX r1226
    WiiFlow 4.2.1
    Other downloads DM/DML 2.11

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    Is there any way to use the following guide without having to format my Exteral HDD. I have lots of valuable information on it and dont have any way of backing it up. This is for USB loader purposes.

    Or if i may, can i use a 8gb USB stick as a source of running backups? or does it have to be HDD's?
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