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Thread: partitioned USB HDD issues for gamecube

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    partitioned USB HDD issues for gamecube

    i partitioned a compatible WD My Book HDD...the partition i sue with the wiibackup works...the partiton with the Gamecube games folder does not...i used dmtoolbox to load this

    i used this guide i partitioned and set to FAT 32 with 32 kb clusters

    i didnt set the gamecube drive to primary but i can see my this absolutely necessary?...i get the error "to run gamecube games with dios mios you need to set your main gamecube path on the first partition of your harddrive"

    in usb loader gx settings
    i set multiple partitions to on
    in custom paths/main gamecube path i set to usb2

    tia for any help

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    The loader is telling you exactly what the problem is, the partition for GameCube games MUST be the first/primary partition and must be marked as active. That is why your GC games aren't loading.

    Just because your USB loader can see the games doesn't mean it will load them. You need to meet the proper requirements before that can happen. I suggest you read the guide again just to make sure you didn't skip anything else.

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    i got it all took a few hours but i had to move my gamecube partition in front of my wbfs partition and all the files with it....setting it to primary wasnt enough...thanx

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    Look at what Snes said to you above.,.., that the GameCube partition must be first and primary.

    Then go read what you wrote.
    I really hope it didn't take you all day to figure out what Snes explained to you!!


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