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Thread: Skyward sword on hard chipped V3.1 system

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    Skyward sword on hard chipped V3.1 system

    I purchased a copy of Skyward Sword and borrowed my friend's chipped wii system to play it. However it's asking me to upgrade the system version (i'm guessing to version 4.3). He is on version 3.1 currently.

    I've done research and I think upgrading might "break" his mod, which I obviously don't want to do.

    I read that using a USB loader, like Priiloader, can let me bypass the system update, but will this affect the motion plus functionality, and could it still break the mod?

    Sorry if this question has been asked already, but I did a search and could not find a solution!


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    I'll straighten some thing's up for you before trying to give advice. First, Priiloader is not a USB loader, it is a program that you can load by holding reset. It gives you a number of useful options including the one you desire, "block disc updates". With "Block Disc Updates" enabled you will no longer be asked to update the system before playing a game.

    Now, if you were to use a USB loader such as USB Loader GX (which would be stored on the SD card like all apps) you would be able to make a USB backup of your Skyward Sword to play from a USB drive. You can set USB loader to rip the game and nothing else, meaning that the update will be removed from the game image as will any blank "filler" data. This "filler" data is just when I game doesn't use the full allotment the disc allows they stick useless black code in to fill up the disc.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks SNES, that helps!

    Just a couple quick follow-up questions:

    1. If I install Priiloader or USB Loader GX, will it impact the Wii in any way? The Wii is V3.1 and I don't want to change the version or functionality in any way. When I return it to my friend nothing should be different.
    2. If I don't update the Wii beyond v3.1, will the Wii motion plus still work? I read that you need a later system version for Wii motion plus to be compatible.

    Thanks again

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    1) Priiloader may effect the mod, USB Loader GX won't. Since USB Loader GX is installed to the SD card and not the Wii it won't cause issues with the mod chip.

    2) This I'm actually not sure about. I'll have to look it up. It's possible you may need to install another IOS not present in 3.1 for Motion+ to work but I'm not totally sure.

    I will look it up and post back later.

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    Great, looking forward to your answer!

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    Play the disc with NeoGamma (i.e. HBC -> apps-> neogamma),the disc update can be skipped and not affecting the Mod status of the Wii.

    Alternative is to pay it with GECKO on a mod-chipped 3.1 Wii. However, not recommended; rather to run NeoGamma R9beta-xx
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    thanks for the responses guys. I've decided to just buy a 2nd hand wii so that I can play SS. I don't want to upgrade my friend's Wii's system version or mess up his mods.


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