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Thread: Just softhack my wii 3.3u and no backup works...

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    Just softhack my wii 3.3u and no backup works...

    Hey guys need help i just hacked my wii and install hbc and backuploader. when i put in a backup like SSBB or a GC back up the screen goes black and the spin and stop spin and stop. what is up with that i am using Verbatim DVD-r.
    Hmm and i dont remember i install that ciso whatever thing. but i think if i dont install that it got nothing to do with backup loader. btw what is this CISO anyways?

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    you clearly put no effort into your problems ~_~ so i would recomend doing it

    you MUST install Cios 249, 36, and 37
    you MUST apply the layer break on brawl
    and you MUST have a chip to use GC backups

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    thanks for the reply man. i thought the wii dvd drive dont read the disk for some reason never thought it was a ciso. so if i dont do the thing right that is what happens? start backup loader and the disk read and stop read and stop?and talking about ciso dont you just need to install one of them?
    is this the right one cIOS249-IOS36-rev07.wad?

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    lol what is layer breaker just googled it and nothing came up... sigh and plus i brought the backup copy i dont really know if it is layer breakered

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    yes thats right

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    do i need wifi to download it or is there a way i can put it in a SD card. the way i hacked my wii is by Wii Softmodding for Dummies - Powered by CO.CC

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    that Cios no, but you do need wifi for a lot of things via homebrew

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    another quick question when i remove my sd card from wii nothing comes up on HBC. is that a problem?

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    Your SD card is what contains the homebrew programs. You need the card in the console.

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    alright man thanks alot for all the help!

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