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Thread: PAL Resident Evil 4 in NTSC 480p

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    PAL Resident Evil 4 in NTSC 480p

    I have a soft modded wii with Dios Mios 2.10 and a few loaders. my preferred is Wii Flow. It runs great when I set the loader to boot in NTSC 480i, but I when I try in NTSC 480p or PAL 480p, I get a black screen at boot. When I boot in NTSC 480i, it asks if I want to run in PAL 60hz, which I do. I'm using a North American Sony Bravia. is there any way to run it in 480p? if so, how?

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    in your wii settings, is the TV mode set to "progressive"? If so, are you using the Red/Green/Blue component cables?

    Furthermore, if it is asking you to run in PAL 60hz, it must think your TV is PAL and not NOrth American, so, perhaps try the "region free wii games" in Priiloader.

    (I am ABSOLUTELY NOT an expert in this matter, these are just the trouble shooting methods I would go through to see what's up, since I had a similar conflict trying to play a couple of PAL games I bought on my NTSC Wii)

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    Please be mindful where you post, I moved this thread out of "Login / Registration Problems" (where you posted it), into the newbie section.

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    @nightstah My apologies, I posted this from my iPod on the mobile website in a very quick hurry, and did not post in the correct place. @Natural Gus Yes I have the wii set to 480p mode and am using red/green/blue component cables. I do have priiloader installed and will try your suggestion in a few.


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