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Thread: Dios Mios acting up again

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    Dios Mios acting up again

    I don't know why it happened, but after adding a few new GCN games to my Dios Mios library, the same way I always do, Dios Mios stopped working. Now I'm getting the "apploader size is zero" error message when I try to open a game. I want to uninstall and then reinstall Dios Mios but if I try to uninstall the WAD it gives me an error. I heard that you need to install Mios to undo the Dios Mios install and revert to the regular GameCube backwards compatibility, but I don't know how to do that. Would appreciate help, thank you.

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    I pulled this from the Dios Mios FAQ page,

    I get "Fatal error apploader size is zero!"

    This means DM was unable to mount the selected ISO for whatever reason.

    * Verify that your dump is ok, just google for the md5 hash.
    * Try to install the game again (delete the old folder before)
    * Your loader is using an incorrect config version
    * You installed DIOS MIOS and are trying to load a game from SD card
    * You installed DIOS MIOS Lite and are trying to load a game from an USB device

    Since it worked for you before, maybe you could try reripping the game ?

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    This happens with any game, even the ones that were working before.

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    Huh, well you could try installing a factory copy of Mios-v10, you can get it from NUSD, just make sure to tell it to pack it as a .wad by checking the box and then install it. Then reinstall the correct version of Dios Mios for the device (USB : Dios Mios / SD : Dios Mios Lite ) you use.

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    Yeah that's what I thought I just didn't know where to find Mios. Thanks, I'll try it.

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    Questions like this should be posted in the guide --- not yet another thread. This is how others learn after if/when you solve it.


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