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Thread: Wii does not even turn on!

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    Wii does not even turn on!

    Hello all,

    First of all, I couldn't use my Wii for 2-3 years, so I am more like a newbie and trying to learn again.

    So I switched on my Wii yesterday and all I could see was the red light for 3 seconds. After that, even the light turned off, no video out or anything, it is literally a brick. I remember that I have softmodded my Wii and also have a nandroid backup. So please help me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If the red light turns off, you have some hardware issues. that light should be on at all times when the system has power. Someone else here who knows more about the inner workings may be able to help with figuring out which parts may be frankenstein'ed in to get it to work, if it's worth trying to fix at all (depends on what DLC or game saves you have on the system that would be important to you), it may be easier just to get a replacement system.
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    Try a different power supply, eliminate the cheap/obvious first is my rule of thumb...

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    Something else easy to try is unplugging the wii power cord from the wii and the wall for 30 minutes then plug it back into the wii then wall. I had to do this once after a power failure, give it a try.

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    Isn't it wall first when disconnecting and last connecting as to avoid nasty sparks?

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