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Thread: Wad manager error

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    Wad manager error

    My wii is a little outdated and a few things aren't working, not sure what's related and whats not. Mostly Wad manager isn't working, it loads fine, but if I try to mount the sd card it says ERROR (ret=-1) press any key to continue. I press a button, then home to exit, and it's stuck on bye... and I have to manually reset. I tried, part 1 where it says softmods with homebrew installed, still the same. Maybe as easy as reinstalling wad manager? I'll probably try that tomorrow.

    Another minor thing, I'm using usbloadergx and the normal homebrew button also freezes, maybe something to do with my emunand? This hasn't been a big deal, because the usbloader has a hbc button at the bottom which works just fine. Let me know if you need any more info about my system, although if you want me to run something for a log file, keep in mind, no wads
    Thanks for any help

    wii 4.2u
    wad manager 1.4
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    IIRC, wad manager 1.4 (very old in terms of modding apps) needs 249 to have a base of 38. Nand emulation would require you to have d2x v7 or higher installed. The most common config for d2x would put a 56 base in 249, so it would make sense that wad manager wouldnt work (once again, based on my memory of that app, but my memory could be faulty ). Either way, wad manager 1.4 is very outdated and now WiiMod is the most popular and functional app for not only installing wads, but a ton of other useful stuff.

    I would suggest you use bannerbomb v2 in order to complete the Softmod ANY Wii guide. That will bypass (and probably fix) the problems you are having with your version of the HBC. Make sure you unplug any accessories including usb drives.


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