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Thread: Accidentally updated Wii after softmodding

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    Accidentally updated Wii after softmodding

    Hello, sorry if this problem was brought up by someone else before me (I did search) but I'm in a big trouble. Please help me! Here's the situation.

    I recently bought a Wii with some games. Never modded, 4.1 software. I followed the guide on and updated my soft to 4.3, installed hackmii, homebrew channel and wiiflow. I did open up a homebrew channel and was able to start wiiflow without problems. I did not have any iso files so I just insterted original Super Mario Galaxy 2 disc - it showed as a "?" sign in the upper left corner od the menu and when I clicked it I accidentally updated the Wii when it asked me to do it. Fast forward to today I converted my games to ISOs, used WBFS Manager to install them on my flash drive, proceeded to launch Wii, got into Homebrew Channel, started Wiiflow and all games showed up on the list. However, when I try to play any of those games the disc tray in Wii is starting to make some noises as if it was trying to read the disc, the screen turns black and Wii hangs as I am unable to do anything.

    How do I proceed right now to get backups working?

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    I'm downloading necessary files right now (it's so slow). Thank you, will report back.

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    Remodded, works perfectly now. Thank you for help.

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    Good deal, thread closed as user's issue addressed/remedied - glad you got it sorted!


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