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Thread: An issue while trying to mod...

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    An issue while trying to mod...

    So Im new to this (obviously).

    Before I found this site I happened to find a video on Youtube. FAILTUBE LINK REMOVED.

    All went well until I tried the 2nd part of this (which is at 7:12 of the video)

    When it goes to the Multi-Mod-Manager I have NO control with my controller. All lights on it go off, nothing moves, its just dead and then after a few minutes the TV screen goes into a black screen with flying white dots like an old atari game. Ive done everything to a T up to this point with no issues but with this its the same no matter what Ive tried such as redownloading files, extracting, etc.... Any ideas?

    (Yes I put new batteries in the controller)

    Thanks in advance!
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    We don't support FAILTUBE (nor allow external links to failguides). Follow a real guide that's actually supported (which obviously your failtube guide isn't, otherwise you'd not be here asking questions).


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