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Thread: Wii U and Games

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    Wii U and Games

    Is it possible to use the USB Loader and rip my original Wii U games to a USB drive yet? Or is it just the Wii games still? I want to purchase a Wii U but if I can't run the games as backups, then it is a no go. My son has killed over ten of his Wii games, that led me to load the USB Loader on his Wii and rip all his games to the USB Drive.

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    Not possible yet. If and when it is, you will see a guide stickied in the Tutorials section.

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    As of now you cannot USB load Wii U games. Wether or not you can rip them I'm not sure but I do know that you cannot use backups of Wii U games (burned or USB) as of right now.

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