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Thread: My Wii Bricked. Is my modchip bricked too or just my Wii?

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    My Wii Bricked. Is my modchip bricked too or just my Wii?

    My Wii recently bricked. It's not fixable. I opened the Wii and took the Modchip out. I'm thinking about getting another Wii. I know that I need an old white Wii with version 3.0-4.3 and that I need to check the chipset on the Wii Drive website to see if the Wii is compatible with my backup discs. If I install the modchip into the new Wii, will the Wii instantly brick because the modchip is bricked? Or will it work fine because only the old Wii was bricked and the modchip is still fine?

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    why bother to get an oldie Wii and playing backup discs ?
    today, u and any Wii can live with softmod, play with usb devices and forget about dvd-r !

    well, i don't think modchips would brick at all. they only want to marry the right DVD-Rom in Wii. they stop working when married wrong.
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    I doubt our modchip had anything to do with your brick. I can try to help, but I need a detailed description of your issue.
    read this also
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