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Thread: Question about updating my Wii (system menu X)

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    Question about updating my Wii (system menu X)

    Hi guys wats up? Havent been here for a while. Just have a question. I finally finished setting up my wii and upon
    doing a connection test with it gives me "The connection test was successful. Perform a Wii system update now? Wii Support Code 11172".

    I'm just wondering if I should update. When I did my wii I started of with the team tweezers twilight hack, and from there went with the system menu x that I'm not sure if thats on this site anymore. The purpose of the mod was to be able to update or something without bricking your wii. Kind of more of an advanced soft mod I guess u could say. I've never had any troubles, and think I've had to replace the shop channel, and nintendo channel through means of wads, which have been fine as well. I think I updated once or twice, just to see if it would actually brick my softmod, and it never did, so I'm not sure if theres anything I need in this latest update, or If should avoid it to not risk losing my softmod, etc etc. Just not sure what to do, but I guess I'd like to have the latest and greatest if I could without hurting anything I've got going on ya now. I think I have all the latest cios,s or at least of the last year or two, so not sure what else I need? Just not sure what this particular update contains. Any light on this would be much appreciated.


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    I've never heard of it. And we only support our own modding guide.

    So we would suggest that you remod your system using the Softmod Any Wii guide (linked in my signature) to get it current.

    Go through the entire guide, including contents, IOS Update contents, system menu change if you choose, priiloader if you don't have it (or if you've updated the menu), and Shop Channel if you plan on using it. All of what I mentioned is part of the guide.
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    Download the latest:
    Latest Loaders CFG v70r65
    GX r1226
    WiiFlow 4.2.1
    Other downloads DM/DML 2.11

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    I think I'm just fine. This was a supermod and it was created by some users of the forum. Actually heres the link I found in my email. It was called the impossible to update wii Just not sure if these updates will brick it or not. But this was a mod used from here so I dont think I need to follow any of the guides. I've already changed the appropriate wads for when I had to update certain channels. just wondering if any updates were releveant to this mod. I have priiloader, boot2 and all that so I'm good. Just wondering if anyone kept up with that mod in particular. I kept current with the latest and greatest up until last year. When I did try to update it gave me an error code, but that could be because priiloader has the update blocked. Not sure if I should even do any updates, but I thought that was the whole purpose of the impossible to update super hard to brick wii. I think others had tried a few updates, as I myself did one or two, and never lost the hbc or any other modifications that were done. Just wondering if theres anything worth updating or that I would need?
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    There have been many advancements in Wii modding since that guide was made. Really, to stay up to date you should follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide as llaffer stated. The cIOS (IOS in the 200 range) all have been updated since that guide came out. Following the ANY Wii guide will get everything where we currently recommend it should be at.

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    If you have system menu X installed, you have 4.1 system menu installed running on a patched system ios in some slot that I can not remember. If this is the case for you, there is no need to update the system menu or ios, assuming all is well. If all of your games are working and needs are fullfuilled, then you don't need to do anything. However, cios is evolving, along with what you can do with it. If you wish to update anything, leave the system menu, and whatever cios it runs on, 100 something IRC, leave them alone. You may wish to update your d2x cios files, which can be done via wad or installer. These cios are 200+ ios installs and have nothing to do with your system menu. If gc games are your thing, dios mios, or devolution may be worth reading into, loading gc from usb. As for the system menu X, best to leave it alone and don't dick with it's system cios (whatever that is, 100 something).

    Following the softmod any wii guide would be fine, updating all your cios and such. As long as you don't take the 4.1 down/up grade your system menu X would not be affected.

    Note: best to stick with priiloader 0.7. The official beta 0.8 is not X friendly. So if you have priiloader (which you had best have) installed, you don't need to dick with that either.
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