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Thread: Just purchased used softmodded WiiU - WADS/other issues

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    Just purchased used softmodded WiiU - WADS/other issues

    After reading the wiihacks v-wii guide for softmodding it seems that WADs are discouraged (and rightfully so I guess). Looking at the info on the SD card that came with my used WiiU it seems he has a few WADs on it. My question is: should I just delete the WADs and install the Apps pack from the guide? It already has homebrew on it. And also, my Wii shopping channel will not let me download the transfer tool to bring my VC games from my old Wii. Searching shows I need the new v21 of the shopping channel but the only info I found was for wii, not wii-u. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks

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    The transfer tool is supposed to be pre-installed on the vWii. The previous owner must have deleted it, and I don't think it can be reinstalled.

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    I should have been clearer, I'm sorry. The transfer data channel is there to select on the vWii, selecting it brings me to a screen to download the tool, where it moves me to the wii shopping channel. It starts the download for the "wii system transfer", takes too long (I feel) to download, then gives me an error code : 204038. Nintendo site says wifi issue. But this happens every time. Not really sure what to try now

    I just tried setting a static IP address for the wii u and it made no difference. It still gives me the same error code after a short while of trying to download it. Is there a way to update the wii shop channel on vWii? I'm not sure how long ago he did the softmod so I don't know if i'm missing an update needed for this to work. Very frustrating. I'm trying to move $80 worth of VC stuff to the WiiU to play on the gamepad now.
    EDIT: Cleared the WADs - installed the apps from the guide. All that's left is to transfer VC - I'm going to order the LAN adapter for it to eliminate the wifi aspect of it and see if that works

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    You won't be able to play that stuff on the gamepad. Only wiiu virtual console stuff can be, not vWii stuff. If the title is available on wii u than after transferring you can get a reduced price if you want the wii I version. None of my stuff is yet available on the wii u shop so I haven't been offered upgrade pricing.

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    I have, sadly, noticed that also. A few of my games are on wiiu VC though. but the transfer itself is what I'm having problems with. LAN adapter is on its way to eliminate the WiFi wildcard apparently. We'll see what happens
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