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Thread: GameCube isos + USB Loader GX = Can I "organize"?

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    GameCube isos + USB Loader GX = Can I "organize"?

    I'm a little new to this but I've figured out how to get everything working thanks to this awesome site.

    My GameCube iso's are working and showing up beautifully in USB Loader GX. I just have two "advanced" questions.

    1) Is there a tool I can use to edit the names of the back-ups? It seems some of mine defaulted to names that shuffle the images around the USB Loader's alphabetical order. I used WiiBackUpManager to edit the titles of my Wii games. Is there something like this to manage the GC isos?

    2) Do I have to use GameTBD codes to organize these files? The only way I can get them to work it seems is by using the image's code from GameTBD for both the folder and image file (example: W:\\GameCube\G4SE01\G4SE01.iso). This isn't ideal for knowing what's on my HardDrive, or even organizing these files at all.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Nevermind. I figured it out! It figures as soon as I post something asking questions.

    Sorry if I wasted your time.


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