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Thread: Converting a game from the SNEEK format back to an original ISO ?

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    Converting a game from the SNEEK format back to an original ISO ?

    First, a little backstory :
    [SPOILER="A Truely Sad Tale"]
    A while ago I had to resort to using UNEEK to play my backups due to my Wiis DVD drive dieing on me, so I converted all my backups to the SNEEK format using DiscEx. No problem there. However near last Christmas Windows decided to commit suicide. How it did so, I'm still not sure. Anyways, I had to copy my hard drive to the HDD I used for UNEEK, it's a 1TB drive with two partitions, one for UNEEK and one for file backups. After two days of the laptop dieing while copying over and several failures, it was finally done. Not without sacrifices though, my game backups on the laptop hard drive couldn't be moved over, there just wasn't enough space for them. So I deleted them.

    Now that you've pushed through that block of text, here's the issue. I don't have those backups anymore, except for their SNEEK versions. I only own about half of the discs for these games now, and it kinda sucks having them just sit there.I've already tried QtWitGui, it couldn't find wmic for some odd reason. It never worked well with Win7 to begin with though.

    Is there any way to convert them back to an .iso ?

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    What format are they actually in now?

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    @Pob - They are in the extracted format, otherwise known as the SNEEK format.

    @miihackwii - I'll give that a shot, thanks !

    EDIT : Wii Backup Fusion did the trick, thanks !

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    Great I thought it might.


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