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Thread: Wiiflow game loading issues

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    Wiiflow game loading issues

    I have a number of games which refuse to load in Wiiflow, which neither show the animated title cards nor load (they kick back to the system menu) Games doing this include Dead Space: Extraction, NSMB Wii, Red Steel 2, and a good number of other ones. Also, The Last Story is showing the animated title card, but is showing the same behavior on attempts to load it. I have a launch-day Wii softmodded using the Softmod ANY Wii guide on this forum (I did it like a week or two ago so everything should be up-to-date). It has been returned from system menu 4.3U to 4.1U as shown in the guide and I did the update ios portion as well. My first assumption would be that the disk images are bad (they are all NTSC-U) but due to the number of games doing this I'm wondering if it could be something else. Thanks

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    Do other USB loaders also fail? If so, the disk image may be bad and you should rerip them from the game disk using the USB Loader's install function.
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    I just tried Configurable USB Loader, it managed to load Okami, Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, Redsteel 2, and Wario Land: Shake it, none of which were working in Wiiflow.

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    A number of them didn't even appear, so I assume those images are bad. But I don't understand why those particular games worked in Configurable USB loader and not Wiiflow?


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