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Thread: Well nothing works now.

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    Well nothing works now.

    Yeeeeah :l
    I've been to other sites and all these wii hack/hb sites are so unclear!
    When I was gay for psp hacks back in the day everything was SUPER easy and they explained everything, now I get links to sites that tell me to find this wad and that dol.


    Anyway. I never got my Animal Crossing game to work.
    Tetsunoko vs Capcom and House of Dead worked (well House of dead 3)
    I tried finding that cIOS that makes House of Dead 2 work, but I can't find it.
    Then I installed a bunch of crap that I don't even remember.
    Now nothing loads :l

    Is there a way for me to.. Just start completely over?
    Should I do that zelda hack again?

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    you mean 249 *which is posted like 50 times now*
    wow just wow... you dont even pay attention ~_~

    no youre SOL unless you figure it out then you can, slowly fix it, *i love how people talk about how bad sites are, then we get the annoying problems*

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    Mhm... I did find it. I'm just saying :0
    Well I messed with DVD X
    And I uninstalled the backuploader that was on my regular wii menu
    now I can't install it again, it says ERROR (ret: -1029) or something like that :0

    edit: I fixed it :3
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