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Thread: Looking to buy a hd

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    Looking to buy a hd

    I am going to buy a usb hard drive for my wii.

    I have read that Western Digital hard drives are the most preferred drives to purchase. The drives I am looking at are a WD My Passport 500gb usb 3.0 and WD Elements 500gb usb 3.0. The drive will be primarily dedicated to the Wii so, I think 500gb is more than enough space. I could however, invest the extra $20 and buy a 1tb drive if needed.

    My plan is to partition the drives three formats, Fat32, NTFS, and WDFS. The Wii should be able to read all three formats, right? Also, what will I need to do to prep these drives? I read that the WD Passport drives come with extra software that is not really needed. Also, all the drives are usb 3.0. Will that cause any problems? I read that USB 2.0 drives are preferred.

    If you have any advice, please let me know before purchasing a hard drive for my wii.

    Here are links to the drives I am looking at.

    WD My Passport 500gb / 1tb

    WD Elements 500gb /1tb

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    The formatting/partitioning of the drive really depends on what you'll be doing with it. If this drive will be Wii dedicated, then it's recommended you use FAT32 with a cluster size of 32kb. This way here you can USB load GC games too if you want to/your Wii is capable of using GC controllers.

    If you don't plan on using GC games NTFS is the next best choice as it's also completely readable by windows. This way you can still manage your HDDs contents on your PC.

    WBFS is no longer recommended because, among other reasons I've read about, once you format to WBFS the ONLY thing the drive can be used for is Wii games.

    As for which drive to get, we have a HDD compatibility list here:

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    I don't know what your budget is, but this is the hard drive that I use from amazon ...

    I have it formatted as a single FAT32 partition. Wii and GameCube games work great on it. It is externally powered, so that's a downside, makes it less portable, but other than that, works great.

    Only one left on amazon. lol

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