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Thread: Help with Loader GX and channels

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    Help with Loader GX and channels

    Greetings Im very new to the wii.
    Just got a second hand one 4.3E and followed these instructions:

    All works great but I wanted instructions on.
    1. loading the wii straight into loader gx (dont want kids clicking on unwanted things)
    2. all the channels loaded into loader gx like, (backup,weather and others) I want them out again kids clicking on things.

    I found some instructions but many of the threads look old and might not be relevant or harmful.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Look near the end of Chapter 2 of that guide where you installed and configured Priiloader. One of the settings there allows you to boot into an application of your choice (you can choose USB loaders as they are apps).

    I've not messed with GX much, but I think you can fine tune your filters and have channels visible without too much effort. Someone else will have to speak to that, though.
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