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Thread: How-To: Play Pikmin 1 Wii Import

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    How-To: Play Pikmin 1 Wii Import

    Just wanting to spread the word, I figured out how to play the Import of Pikmin 1 Wii without doing anything. Here is what I did:

    1) Load up Gecko OS
    2) Rebooter Options* ---> Region Free ---> Change to "YES"
    3) Config Options* ---> Boot Lanuage ---> Change to Japanese
    4) Enjoy!

    There it is.. Later I will be doing a video for a guide..

    *NOTE: You can do steps two and three in any order. But the other steps MUST be done in the order they are shown.

    Hope this helps.

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    did u forget to mention ur wii version ?
    no Gecko required for Jap wii....kidding

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    MUST BE DONE huh...

    i loaded it from the Disc channel -,_-, so yeah....

    also this is posted in the wrong section =P and really this isnt Solid enough to get it working for everyone, since some people can boot it freely
    some can just boot it from gecko
    some can from gamma error 002
    and the rest are SOL =P

    nice try though ^^


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