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Thread: WiiWare and VC Games Help

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    WiiWare and VC Games Help

    I'm trying to figure out what the best way to load my WiiWare and VC games are. I followed the guide for softmodding my Wii, and I've happily got all of my games backed up and loading using USB Loader GX.

    For the WiiWare and VC games, I have too many of them to fit on my real NAND, so most of them are currently on my SD card.

    So, I have three questions.

    1.) What's the best way to get all of them to show up in USB Loader GX?
    2.) Is it possible to do that without having compatibility issues?
    3.) Is there a better way to load them without using USB Loader GX that wouldn't have compatibility issues?

    As of now, I don't really get the whole emulated NAND options, as there appears to be quite a few and I have no idea what the advantages of one over the other are.

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    My opinion for what's "best", is to leave them on SD card and go through Wii Menu -> SD Menu to load them.

    But, you probably don't want to hear that as an answer.

    I've never tried getting them to work through USB loaders.
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    It's actually great to hear that. Makes me feel less confused. I'll continue to just load it that way for now then.



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