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Thread: Regarding Reading Room (or RR)

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    Regarding Reading Room (or RR)

    due to a few very POed people im gonna explain this, in hopes those people st*u, and either learn or move on...

    What is Reading Room, or RR exactly?
    good question, to put it simply it is a State of membership you obtain when you get a infraction level of 15 points *you will receive 2 infractions when you're put there, and you can earn them both in 1 go*, or your membership is directly changed..

    only the people DIRECTLY CHANGED, show Reading Room under their name, so the infracted people, are secretly changed...

    when you're sent there, you lose your right to post a topic, post a reply, or do anything outside of PM someone, and search... the goal of this is simply, for whatever reason *ill explain later* you have been sent to RR, you got to fix, and then PM for a release or make due.

    Why did i get put in Reading Room?
    simple, you did something, or somethings that were undesired in this community.. be it no effort, or being a problem...

    people whom post BASIC level problems, or have absolutely no idea what their doing/talking about will go there, along with people whom refuse to put in the effort.

    this was added like a month ago, and was for the most part unused, since recently the problems are getting less and less and less needed from a general lack of care *ironicly in a lot of cases i actually put in more effort than 1 - 3/10 people i help* due to homebrew being 100% you based, ive decided to start implementing it more and more... YOU'RE IN CHARGE OF YOUR SYSTEM, AND YOU HAVE MORE KNOWLEDGE TO FIXING YOUR WII THAN ME! *a lot of times, we dont know how your wii is set up, or what you did prior, a lot of people fix issues like this because we assume you put in the effort of trying things and they failed, so we go 100% tech or assumptions but it could be a out of region failure, or a Gamecube controller pluged in... and often we wont even consider that*

    Recently due to me implementing it, and everyone believe being new makes them immune to this, and think they should be justified as acceptable, ive been getting a lot of PM hate *mostly why i made this topic* due to PM hate, people generally dont look at it from my side *i guess it makes me lazy, or a *** and thats "wrong"*

    to give a idea of a KEY person this applies to *im sorry i dont like to give names/info but hes gone so hes gonna be a example*

    his problem, which im sure 100% of the community can see why i did what i did...

    upon his infraction
    F*****g ****ole.

    Go f**k yourself you ****ole. Calling me stupid. F*** YOU *** GUZZLING ***L ****ING MONKEY F*****R!

    -.- yeah.... so please actually think why you're there,and remember THIS SITE IS NOT ABOUT HOLDING YOUR HAND, you want that.... go elsewhere won't be welcomed here
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