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Thread: wii will not urn on please help

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    wii will not urn on please help

    My son was playing the wii this morning and he said it froze on him so he restarted it and know nothing their is no lights on it at all you hit the power button and nothing no lights no sounds at all. It has a wikey 2 with a v14 clip. Any segustions what might of happened or how to fix it.

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    remove the power cord, and let it stand for a few mins, then if it doesnt work, you can either try to get a new power cord *and if that doesnt work*

    odds are its a Full brick, no fix, you got a high priced door stop

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    Ya doesn't sound good. It is pretty rare for a power cable to just die. The clip probably shorted something out.

    Is this a full on system brick Admiral? Or would it just have fried the drive? I have yet to have anything like this happen. But assuming that the clip caused a short or a bridge somewhere is the whole Wii toast or just the drive?

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    considering you can power on the wii without a drive =P, its the other part, the drive might be ok, but ive never seen a place sell the other half of a wii, so you need a new one

    and i only threw out the power cable, because i saw it happen ONCE *though the have to shut off thing, makes me almost 99.99% sure its a unfixable brick*

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    Ya you can't overlook the possible easy answer. Always check the power cable first.

    If you do have to buy a new wii then you might be able to get some money for the drive that is in your wii (if it works). But I would toss that clip and check for bent pins and test it before you try and sell it.

    I bought a back up drive a month ago just incase and its good news that I have never had to use it but it makes and installer feel better knowing there is one there.

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    haha i got a spair D2C -,_-, i keep saying i should sell it =P

    but without a doubt you CAN make your money back just selling it, also you might still have your Warenty which i would remove the chip and send it back ^^

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    Those of you looking to buy a new or used DVD drive for the Wii.. just look on ebay,
    check out what i just found: wii dvd drive, Video Games, Computers Networking items on
    plenty of them... Not too expensive either...

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    well I left it unplugged for about a half hour and plugged it back in and it has been working for about 30 minutes anything I should look into.

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    Nah.. you should be good to go...
    Not really sure why it does that..
    I would say.. it did what i did to protect/prevent your Wii from
    getting toasted... so the power brick cut off the power..
    So if it happens again.. do the samething..
    Unplug it and leave it off for about 30 min and rock N roll!

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