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Thread: GC on Wii. please help :3

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    Question GC on Wii. please help :3

    Hi everybody!

    I have a few GC games and i play it on my Wii. a friend of mine is visiting me and brought 15 GC games with him. but hes going back home in a few days, so i was thinking about create a backup of these games to play on my HDD.

    But i have a few questions about Dios Mio:

    If i install it, i must create a backup of my games too, right? 'cause i wont be able to play original games anymore.
    can i uninstall it later and start playing original games again?
    do all backup games works via backup? how can i know if these will work?
    which one is the best loader to play with?

    can you guys indicate a good guide to play GC on wii? i have no idea where to start. i found 2 diferent guides in here, but if you could help...

    thanks, guys!

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    Check the Devolution guide in my signature, that will get you all set and running GC games off a HDD

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    that was fast! D:



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