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Thread: How To Use R4i Gold 3DS Latest Wood Firmware V1.60

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    How To Use R4i Gold 3DS Latest Wood Firmware V1.60

    A few days ago the r4i gold 3ds card wood firmware has been updated to V1.60, check the post here:

    This post will tell you how to use the r4i gold 3ds card with wood V1.60, make sure your r4i gold 3ds card is this one:

    Notice: this wood firmware is only used for r4i gold 3ds card from, if your r4i gold card is from other official site. do not use this wood firmware.

    Step 1 Download the latest wood firmware V1.60 from here

    Step 2 Extract it and put all the contents inside to the root of your sd card. make sure you should put the firmware files on root of the sd card.

    Step 3 Create another folder on the sd card and put your games on the folder.

    Step 4 Put the sd card with r4i gold 3ds card on your 3ds, dsi and ds lite console.

    Here is also a video guide

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    Thanks for your guide.

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