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Thread: WiiU Softmod?

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    WiiU Softmod?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking in the FAQ and guide section and all I see is Virtual Wii softmod. I've heard that the Wii U has been softmod on day one. Some people say it's using starfall but then again, I'm wondering what I'm missing because if it was softmodded already, there would be a guide in here, no?

    Unless the VWii softmod is also a softmod for WiiU games?


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    Where did you hear this? Did you ask them where they got this info?
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    Only vWii has been publicly released. From what I understand, WiiU was indeed hacked but has been kept under wraps with thirty-some odd people. The fact nothing has come of that is troubling. Whether it's concern about piracy or unviable homebrew, the bottom line is no exploit has even been publicly released (for Wii-U mode).

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    this is one has hacked wii u yet.get a grip people if it had been done we would know

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenzieboo View Post
    no one has hacked wii u yet.get a grip people if it had been done we would know
    Unfortunately you have outdated info - WiiU is already hacked but there is no purpose to public hacks. Please refer to this article.


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