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Thread: can't save games : dios mios lite cracked wii

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    can't save games : dios mios lite cracked wii

    I just cracked my wii with letter bomb and pimp my wii
    and now i installed dios mios lite and when i want save games
    i dosn't work it says "insert memory card"
    please help me

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    Insert your game cube memory card into the Wii

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    where do i have to insert it ? but i already have a sd card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobo3285 View Post
    where do i have to insert it ? but i already have a sd card.
    You have to have a Game Cube memory card and it goes in the the GC memory card slot on the top of the Wii.

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    Here's a better insight: do NOT use "Brick My Wii," it's a recipe for disaster for the uninitiated. "Cracked" is hardly the terminology and you SHOULD have followed "Softmod ANY Wii" guide. Why don't you go ask the Pimp My Wii folks, or whatever guide/author's you followed? We support our own guides...

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    ok thanks guys

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    But now i installed dios mios normal for usb. Now the only thing i have to do is format usb hard drive in fat 32 with cluster 32.
    And put isos in a games folder at the root of the hard drive and lauch the games with dios mios booter ?
    Will it work ?

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    Ever think of actually READING our Dios Mios guide? If we have a guide, you should be following it. Once again, you are not. Perhaps the thing to do is close your thread, which may cause you to look for it ---- hmm?


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