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Thread: Wii hack help needed

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    Us Wii hack help needed

    Hey guys, Pyro here, I would like to get my Wii broken into as soon as i can. However, I have limited hardware to mod my Wii with. My main question is: Will a regular 2GB USB flash drive be sufficient enough to hack my Wii with?
    I need to format it properly and so far i understand that i need to find a manner in order Format it to FAT32. Currently i am looking into the version of my Wii. At the moment i know that it is a "Backwards Compatible Wii" (with 4 GC controller ports and 2 GC memory card ports.) and it is Version 4.3u. I got this Wii off of a friend for pretty cheap, i mean, its got a pink striped case and any of my friends or family who look at it seem to be gawking and wondering why I have a pink Wii... So i figured I'd " Muscle it out" with a few decent modifications without having to spend any money (In all honestly I just moved to a new city and don't have a job yet, so i wish to keep it as close to a $0 job as possible ). All help is appreciated and ideas are always welcome.


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    No USB is required to mod your system. A 2 gig SD card is.

    USBs are handy to use on a modded system, but is not used in the modding process anywhere.
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    Ok. Well, i guess it may have to wait a little longer before i can hack my wii. I was hoping i could use my Flash Drive instead of having to go out and buy an SD card. Thank you for the assistance.
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