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Thread: noob to the wii hack. need help

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    noob to the wii hack. need help

    Hi all. Moved to UK from the U.S. Have a U.S. wii obviously running 4.3. Bought some games for my kids here in the UK. Excitement turned sour when we realized PAL games won't play on wii console.

    Got the gist of the letterbomb hack. Have my SD card ready and MAC address. Except is out. So is (though I'm not sure if this hackmii installer will work for me). Since they seem older, I'm wondering if they're gone for good.

    Anyone have any knowledge of the hackmii site to know if it's coming back?

    If not, alt methods would be appreciated.


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    hackmii usually comes back up within a week when it goes down. I'd just hold tight and check back daily until it's up again to go through the process.
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