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Thread: Need help unmodding and my disk drive won't recognize games.

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    Need help unmodding and my disk drive won't recognize games.

    As the title suggests, I want out.

    When I modded using the LetterBomb version I also installed some programs. I installed : NeoGamma (R8 RC3), Gecko (, WAD Manager (1.7), d2x-cios-installer (3.1), cIOS d2x v8 (final), IOS236 Installer (6.0), and DarkCorps 1.1.

    Now, since I don't know squat about unmodding, I did a system update. Luckily, that did not brick my Wii. I did a system update to remove the cIOSs that I installed. That did not work (I think) as everything is still the same before the update.

    So, I want to remove all modifications that I made.

    Also, my disk drive stopped loading games (backup and original), is there a fix for this?

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    Why in the world would you do a softmod (which relies on a backup loader ie NeoGamma), and install DarkCorp???? That's counter-productive, to say the least. How about this: WHY are you wanting to remove your softmod --- for what purpose? Because the drive stopped loading games, or because.... ?

    How about this: is the purpose to fix your Wii so it's in operational condition?

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    I panicked when none of my games would load in the disc channel. I tried using Gecko and NeoGamma to open them, but that did not work. So, I want to remove my mods so that that disc channel works again. I can live with the mods, but for now I want to fix the issue with my disc channel.

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    How about you just remod your system using our guide: Softmod Any Wii guide (link in signature).

    Don't uninstall, format, or delete anything. Just follow the guide, including anything that says "optional for 4.3 systems" since DarkCorp blew up anything that was 4.3, you need to restore the normal IOS files that are part of 4.3, so for you , nothing is optional.

    That should get things so you're working again.
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