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Thread: A few questions about NAND emulation

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    Question A few questions about NAND emulation


    I've softmodded my wii a long ago using mauifrog's guide. I've got my hands on my console again this week and decided to update my softmod and see what's new.

    Something that got my interest is the possibility to load GC backups from USB, witch is great, since I don't wanna wear out my poor GC disks (Zelda Collectors Edition, for example). While reading about it, I found out that many are using an Emulated NAND for other purposes, but I couldn't find much about it.

    Is there any guide explaining how it works? From what I've seen, many use loaders (GX, WiiFlow, etc), but, from what I remember, people used SNEEK in the past. I've read in GBATemp something about Sorg's NAND-Emulator and that seems to be like a stand alone NAND emulator app.

    What are the recommended method for emulating a wii's NAND and whats the difference between those? Is the loader way the standard way nowadays? Are there any advantages/in using each method?

    Thanks a lot!

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    I personally haven't indulged but yep we do have a couple guides. Not sure if your questions are answered in their entirety but you may have a look:

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