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Thread: Updating Wiiflow to the new version.

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    Updating Wiiflow to the new version.

    So I still use the Wiiflow version in the original softmod guide on this site ( as of a month ago )

    they recently released a new ( possibly more stable ) version of it.

    I have been having some issues not being able to get the covers to load, so I really just want to uninstall the whole thing and re install the newer version of it. However I haven't the faintest idea as to how to remove wiiflow.

    The update gives me a boot.dol file and a meta and icon.

    anyone want to help ( walk me through ) me out on this? I've scoured around the internet for about an hour and just managed to confuse myself further.

    EDIT! - so I fixed it myself. I uninstalled the fowarder by getting the WAD file and putting it back on my sd card so I could uninstall it using the WAD manager. After that I deleted Wiiflow off my SD card.

    I grabbed the new version and placed it on my USB and also grabbed a new fowarder channel. I'm not sure what fixed it ( the problem with my covers ) but I think its that the games and covers are on the same deice now, rather than the covers loading to the SD and the games on the USB.
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