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Thread: vWii and Usbloader

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    vWii and Usbloader

    I'm thinking of upgrading to WII U for the sole purpose of utilizing the systems 1080p video output; as my up-converter is ok but I do get graphical errors.

    Here are my questions:
    1. Does the vWii operate exactly like the Wii and has Usbloader CFG been confirmed 100% operable? (Devolution excluded as I know that the Wii U has no GC ports)
    2. What apps have been confirmed to run correctly and which ones have errors?
    3. Will my old Wiimotes work in vWii mode?
    4. How do the emulators handle?

    Thank-you for your time.

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    CFG Mod R15 as indicated in the guide is included, as WiiFlow and USB Loader GX. Yes your old wiimotes will work in vWii mode.

    The rest, personally I have no hands-on experience.

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