So I've got a small USB hard-drive. about 160GB, and I can't afford a bigger one right now. I'm also looking to get a second wii now that the prices are going down with the wii u being out. I would like to remove the small hard-drive, or perhaps keep it on as a local cache, but primarily load my wii games over the network from an iscsi or aoe share, or from a network filesystem like nfs, smb, cifs, or similar. Is there a suitable loader out there to enable this? I know that the wifi won't be the fastest medium around, and I have a large local SD for my wii of at least 32GB, which is enough to cache about 6 large games locally, but I've got dozens of games that I want to have available without having to unplug the drive, copy the games onto the drive, then reconnect the drive to the wii. A second wii will just complicate matters some. I'm fine with increased load times as a result of loading data over wifi or USB ethernet. Also, I DID try searching the forums, the only term that search would accept is iscsi, and the one result there was not promising. Thank you in advance!