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Thread: Will a Wii read DVDs as normal disks?

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    Will a Wii read DVDs as normal disks?

    I want to play NSMBW on my Wii off of a DVD. I think that Nintendo did something to make it just read Wii disks and i have to install a channel or something to make it recognize the DVD. If I do need a channel, tell me which one; if I don't, please tell me that as well.

    And if I do need a channel, would I be able to use Riivolution with the channel?

    Also, I've heard that NSMBW takes up a normal CD's worth of space on the disk. Could I write it to a normal disk (they're cheaper :P) or would the Wii not read it 'cause it's not in the right format?

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    You might want to start out by read in the faq section.

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    Not going to work. you can play backups from disc on older wii models but riivolution doesn't support backups. Some people may have found a way to patch newer in to the game but you are getting in to piracy territory there unless you figure out how to do it yourself. It seems to me this method has lead to problems and bugs in the game, I have had pretty much no issues playing from disc with riivolution.

    newer is quite good. super luigi u difficulty was killing me and it was a nice change of pace playing newer after getting killed so much.


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