Hello All,
I've tried searching for the answer to this on but I'm not getting anywhere. I have USB Loader GX working great with lots of games installed to my USB HDD and all the covers downloaded. I have two problems left to fix, so I'm hoping someone can help.
First I need a "box cover" image for Youtube. I've made one as a PNG at the correct size, and I think it needs to be saved to SD:\apps\usbloader_gx\images but I don't know the game ID for Youtube.
My second question is about WiiMC: I want to install the channel forwarder but the IOS is wrong according to the error message. From other stuff I've read it sounds as though updating the HBC will solve this problem. Could someone confirm that's correct?
(Final, silly question, how on earth do I get a line break in a forum post? Iíve ended up pasting from Word).