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Thread: Copying "locked" save files

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    Question Copying "locked" save files

    OK, so I'm taking my Wii to a reunion in some days and would like to backup most of the information in case something unfortunate happens, can't copy any of the online games (which are the ones that matter the most...) like Brawl, MKW, S&P2, etc.

    So basically, is there any program with simple instructions for unlocking these save files?

    Followed Mauifrog's Softmod ANY Wii guide, so besides the things in there don't have anything else installed in the wii

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    Hi if you followed the sofmod any wii guide, then you would have installed priiloader? If so there is an option in the system menu hacks tab for removing save file protection.

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    Things is when I checked about Priiloader got this:

    Remove NoCopy Save File Protection - A useless hack. You can copy protected save files to your SD card, but you still can't copy them back.

    So it wouldn't make a difference if I can't use them

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    just found this info. Thanks to importaku.

    Copy protection properly removed from Wii saves YAY
    Don't know if this is well known or not but im creating a separate thread just for it as i think it's pretty awesome.

    When the homebrew channel first came out there were a couple of apps that could extract copy protected saves, the program worked but was messy as it split your save into lots of files & it coudnt be restored back to the wii in a normal way.

    Well tonight i was looking for new apps & ones i hadn't tried before & i gave GeckoOS 1.07b a try, it works a bit like the freeloader did but has an amazing extra feature.

    In the rebooter options theres a option to remove the copy protection flag, if you disable it & then press B to reboot your wii, while its running you can copy any of your protected saves to an sd card. Now heres the cool bit once the saves are copied to the sd card their copy protection will permanently be removed so it can then be moved wherever you like just like normal save files. The act & behave just like regular saves with no ill effects at all. I tried it on a few of my saves like smash bros, pokemon battle revolution, rockman 9, elebits & it worked perfectly.

    No more having to worry about my saves been locked to the machine. I now have them all backed up on my pc & can be restored to any wii i want.

    You will need the homebrew channel installed to use gekoOS though, the homebrew channel is the best thing to happen to the wii.

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    I heard people saying it doesn't work but I was able to do it just fine with the priiloader hack.

    Save game manager gx will also do it.

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    You were able to copy them to an SD card, or you were able to send them to another wii and actually use them?

    Tried with Savegame Manager GX, the files that I got are "banner", "data" and "qsdata" instead of the usual "content" that you get when you copy the saves from the wii, so I suppose that if I want to send them to a wii I'll have to use SMGX. But at least it's better than anything.

    I'll copy them with Gecko1.07 as well just to be sure

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    I was able to copy them from one wii and install them on another using the built in wii utility after enabling the priiloader hack. Did you try that?


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