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Thread: Guide to making a GREAT Review

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    Guide to making a GREAT Review

    *atleast in my book =P*
    please note! before reading, as long as you justify what you're saying, its good enough to post!
    you can dislike brawl, but dont say "it sucks" say something like "it sucks because, Roy isnt in it, and the smash ball is cheap" thats actually good enough. *though i would suggest doing much more =P like i list below hehe*

    feel free to skip this part, if you think you got a good enough idea of what you're doing *not insulting just trying to make sure everyone gets the most of your opinion!*

    ok, before you write a review, make sure to think about the game you're playing, just because youre bad at it, in no way does that make the game/control bad, same with the game being easy! i got all 121 stars in galaxy in 6 hours o.x so dont tell me that its a lack of game play time *im just super good at beating games fast -,_-,*

    once you pick a game, think if there is anything, unique about it, that is important! most games can be sumed up to
    and in a lot of cases Story
    but depending on the game, in a lot of cases you can find unique points
    Rockband/guitar hero/samba/taiko ~ Tatsujin i would say Selection would make a difference, so i would bring it up *its separate from music* like taiko 2 for the psp has 86 *i think songs* and taiko for he wii has 70, so personally im disapointed that a portable system gets less than a console =\
    in some games i would say unlockables would be a HUGE factor, and worth mentioning!
    Disgaea 2 *ps2* had a special world for getting all the pirate maps, it takes about 70 hours of gameplay to have the power to even get them all, and it takes around 30 hours of random luck to get them all *took me like 15 just to get the final map ~_~ REALLY low rate to appear* so i would mark it down, same with the world just being harder than the original and looks a little different, so no worth the effort..
    also in a some games like Naruto ex 2 *wii* requires X ammounts of fights to unlock them, so remember to mention how annoying/easy/bad that is if its really noticeable ...

    another HUGE factor, is ammount of difference!!!!
    Onichanbara *wii* from Japan to US, is said to ONLY have more costumes
    where as Disgaea *psp* had several multiplayer parts, added MUCH later a 2nd japanese release

    Ok you can start reading here, if you know what youre doing.

    ALWAYS make a clean, and easy to read style, and make sure to keep it constant!

    i personally use
    Bold, ordered lists, and pictures/videos if needed
    it looks like this *if you havent seen*
    Story _/10
    • point 1
    • point 2
    • point 3
    Controls: _/10 Gameplay: _/10 Music: _/10 Design: _/10 Other notes/special stuff: _/10 *depends on the game if anything* Overall: _/10
    and like i said earlier REMEMBER, you can have as much personal preferences in this game, as long as you are FAIR on the review and not just destroy it over them ;3

    i hope this helps, and feel free to add comments!

    ~Enjoy ^^

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    I just wanted to ask (this was not cleared by the Sticky):
    Is it allowed to post reviews about games somebody else already reviewed in separate threads, or should I check whether a review already exists, and add my 5 cents after the topic-opener?

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    i probably wouldnt re do an old thread.


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