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Thread: fceugx tecmo super bowl freezing issue!

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    [SOLVED]fceugx tecmo super bowl freezing issue!

    I don't know if anyone could help me bc i have been searching for a way to fix this problem for a while and can't find it. I love tecmo super bowl (still lol) but it seems everytime i play the game two players it freezes up in the middle of the game....anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it i am using fceugx emulator plugin through wiiflow...Should i try a different emulator or something? If so which one thank you

    EDIT: I finally figured out that it seems the emulator needs to have the two same controllers when on two player i was using one classic controller and one was just the wiimote and i guess that caused it to freeze b/c no problems with 2 wiimotes, or two classic i cant believe i finally figured that out!! phewww GAME ON
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