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Thread: So confused on which venue to play old Nintendo games...could use a jedi...

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    So confused on which venue to play old Nintendo games...could use a jedi...

    Hello all, first time poster here. As is stated in the title, I am soooo fricking torn between which way I should play older console games. I have quite a fair bit of questions and would appreciate any help. I understand this is a forum primarily for hacks on the Wii, but I am hoping that with a community so vast; some may have experience with the other ways to play older titles. OK, I have had a tremendous itch lately to play some of my old favorites from consoles of yesteryear, but with all the different ways to play, I am unsure of which way to choose. One of my first and foremost requirements is that I am able to use the actual controllers for the games. NES, SNES, and N64. I think I'll be able to do this with all the options using an adapter such as raphnet. Second is that the game be darn near identical to the originals. Again, all should provide me with this. Thirdly, I want the games to be visually appealing as possible on my HDTV. I don't know why, but when I pulled out my Wii and stuck the GameCube version of Twilight Princess in, it looked absolutely horrendous. I had the Wii and HDTV set to 4:3 aspect ratio, but the game was soooooo ugly looking I could barely play it. Is there any way around this? Or does the games of before modern television always look bad on HDTV? Is there a way to fix? OK, so the most viable ways I see to store and play all of my games are (again, I know this is primarily a Wii forum but I'm hoping someone has experience with these other ways to play) Wii virtual console, modded Wii with emulator, Home theater PC, Android tablet or console such as ouya. Now I'm pretty sure I can use the controllers with any of these through either USB adapter or Wii remote adapters (I do know after android 4.2.2 Wii remotes don't work, but I'm hoping for a fix.) Which one of these options would be graphically superior? I have seen that graphic packs have been released for Zelda games to enable them to be in 1080p, but I think that's limited to the PC and I think you need a pretty powerful one at that. I could sacrifice HD so long as I can get the games to not look like complete crap on a 55" LG LED. How can I accomplish this? Which way is ideal? VC, Wii emulators, PC, or Android? Sorry if this has been a long read, but I'm hoping someone familiar with these options can tell me which one is the most stable, clean looking, and CLOSEST TO ACTUAL CONSOLE PLAY out there. I do remember reading that a lot of the N64 emulators do not run at optimal speed or are glitchy. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in that case I could just use VC for N64, but the graphics packs for these ones would be nice to have. Again, thanks for anyone out there that can help a newb in over his head. THANK YOU!!!!

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    I think the only way you are going to be able to get decent looking graphics on a 55" HDTV and be able to do everything you described is by using a pc. Even then, the older games are going to look like crap TBH. Theres no way around that. And your requirement to use the original controllers for everything is something that only a pc can currently do (since it would require drivers that otherwise havent been written for the Wii).

    Ultimately you are going to have to make some sacrifices to all your wants. A high end pc with a high end gfx card would be best. It all depends though on what you have available and/or what you are willing to spend. Nothing is going to be perfect, so its really about what you can settle for.

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    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I recently bought some component cables and this dramatically improved how Twilight Princess looks. I now believe that I can live with playing backups on my Wii as is, as opposed to getting a beefed up gaming PC to hook up to my TV. Now I must decide on which adapter to buy. The one that goes from N64 to GameCube port or the one that goes from N64 to Wii remote. Do you know if it is possible to use the Wii remote and classic controller with emulators on the Wii through means of soft mod? The reason I ask is because I purchased a Wii that has a mod chip and when I launch an emulator via a disc, I am only able to play with a GameCube controller. Is this different with emulators that are actually loaded as channels? Thanks again.

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    Also Note that the Wii is kind of lacking in the AA department. I'm not sure how this affects the gamecube version of Twilight Princess, I haven't tried it. But make sure your contrast isn't too high, and mess around with some of the other settings on your TV. It can really help to soften up the edges and give you a better picture.

    ( I just got some component cables as well, they do work wonders! )

    Also for retro games I would go Pc if only for the filters you can put on them. they really help to make the games look better on higher end screens. Project 64 recently got a new release with some new awesome filters that make the games look way better than the originals.

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    AA department? I originally thought that a gaming PC is what I wanted, do to filters, but after playing some VC console games from NES and Twilight Princess, I realized that with component cables, TV in 4:3, and Wii in 4:3 480p it looks good enough. To be quite honest, after watching videos about filters on emulators I have to say I didn't like the look. Too artificial. The only thing I have to find out now is; if there is a ui similar to USB loader for other emulators. I dislike the list look when loading files from USB through homebrew channel and would like something like wiiflow for all of my emulators and backups.

    Edit: I've found that Wiiflow has plugins that can be installed to manage all of your emulators and backups from one central location. So awesome!!! This is what I was trying to ask (terribly). This is going to be sooooo ideal over going into homebrew, and going through the ugly list style interface. What I really wanted was to have an N64 channel, SNES channel, etc. That I could go in to and pick backups in each category, but I think this will work beautifully for my intentions. Now I just have to learn all there is to know about softmodding a Wii and managing emulators and backups from USB flash drive. I haven't been bombarded by this much information since learning about rooting android. (BTW, rooting android is a cakewalk compared to what you guys know) thanks for all the help!
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