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Thread: Can iso game files be played off sd card instead of usb or burning

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    Can iso game files be played off sd card instead of usb or burning

    Hi and thanks for taking time to read this thread. I hacked my wii 4.3U downgraded to a 4.1u. I did everything good everything is working well. Ok, my problem/question has to do with iso files. i can play them with no problem. Its the files that are .rar files, I unlock them and they become an iso file. I do not have a usb stick but i do have sd cards 32,16,8,1 gb. My question is, is it possible to play these .iso files games off my sd card? without burning it to a disk or needing an usb stick?

    I did try to use wbfs manager, but i had to format the same sd card that i hacked with and it just didn't work.
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    The easiest way is to rip the original disc using the Wii and a usb loader of choice

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    Its not an original disc, i downloaded it from a torrent website and its multiple .rar files i unzip them and then they become iso file. It there a way to put the iso games on the sd card and play them like that

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    How about you re-read the site rules before posting again.

    Pob was trying to be nice. I'm trying to be not as nice.

    Closing thread.
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